Gold Leaf Painting

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Gold Leaf Painting

There are many different shades of genuine gold and silver leaf available. Karats range from 9k, to 24k fine gold and many in-between. Other precious metals that can widen the color palette include moon gold, black oxidozed silver, platinum, and palladium, deep and rich in color tone which may be further enhanced with a hint of a black wash. Non-precious metals of brass and aluminum are also available. The clay bole that acts as an undercoat to the gold, is usually red and can be another to produce a slightly different tone.

Customer Testimonials

I live in an older home in Toronto and couldn’t decide how to update it. I was torn between historical and a more modern look. I hired Painters Painting Toronto based soley on their reputation and they really impressed me. The colours and techniques they used really enhanced my home’s timeless beauty, and I’m so happy with it!

Margery Williams

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