Exterior Brick Cleaning

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Exterior Brick Cleaning

Over time exterior brick work can become discoloured, dirty or covered in graffiti. Reniassance Painters can bring back the original beauty of the brick by using stripping chemicals and low pressure water spray to clean and restore the appearance of stonework and bricks. Bricks tend to hold paint more tenaciously than any other surface, so a regular paint stripper will not work. Our highly skilled craftsmen will remove any unwanted blemishes in the gentlest manner that does not destroy the natural surface and pointing. Proper collection and disposal of chemical and paint peelings will minimize harm to the environment, we will transport them safely to the hazardous waste department. Any paint removal should be completed months ahead of freezing weather to allow any moisture to migrate out of the bricks and mortar. Renaissance Painters are a professional and experienced team of experts in the field of brick restoration and have the experience necessary to evaluate an effective tailored approach suitable for your brickwork.

Customer Testimonials

I live in an older home in Toronto and couldn’t decide how to update it. I was torn between historical and a more modern look. I hired Painters Painting Toronto based soley on their reputation and they really impressed me. The colours and techniques they used really enhanced my home’s timeless beauty, and I’m so happy with it!

Margery Williams

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